March 29, 2023

Why isn’t Apollo Explorer open source?

A question I get a lot from folks within Apollo and outside the company alike is: Why isn’t Apollo Explorer open source? GraphiQL is open source and is the tool that helped a lot of us write our very first GraphQL queries. Explorer is like a super-charged GraphiQL, so therefore it should be open source […]

Danielle Man
Director of Engineering

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March 27, 2023

Apollo Changelog: March 27, 2023

The latest news including an upcoming entity interface livestream, updates to Odyssey courses, and community posts about @defer and Mercurius

March 20, 2023

Apollo Changelog: March 20, 2023

The latest Apollo news: new router features, last call for Summit proposals, and a guide on Data Loaders in Federation.

March 15, 2023

New in Apollo Router v1.12: Improved router security, performance, and extensibility

Just over a year ago, we introduced Apollo Router, the graph router that is now at the heart of Apollo GraphOS. Unlike its predecessor Apollo Gateway, Apollo Router was designed to maximize the performance benefits of GraphQL and supergraph architecture, while being secure by default. After switching to the router, one customer reported a 93% reduction […]

March 14, 2023

How to use Apollo Client with Next.js 13

Next.js 13 was probably one of the most awaited releases of Next.js It brought us the app directory, with support for layouts, React Server Components and more! The most interesting feature is the introduction of React Server Components. To put it simply Server components allow you to run data fetching on the server removing the […]


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March 29, 2023

Why isn’t Apollo Explorer open source?

by Danielle Man