August 15, 2023

Apollo Server 3 end-of-life extension

Korinne Alpers
Product Manager | Federation Core

Last year, we announced the End-of-Life for Apollo Server 3, originally scheduled for October 22, 2023. Apollo Server has widespread adoption, and we’ve heard feedback that some in the community would appreciate more time for the migration process. In light of this, we’re extending the End-of-Life date for Apollo Server 3 to October 22, 2024. Apollo will continue to provide security patches and fixes for major regressions until October 2024, after which Apollo Server 3 will no longer be maintained by Apollo.

To learn how to migrate to Apollo Server 4, see the migration guide. Additionally, you can find more information about End-of-Life stages in the Apollo Launch Stages definitions.

At Apollo, our priorities have always been driven by the community and businesses that rely on us. We value your input and encourage you to keep sharing it with us. If you haven’t already, join the official Apollo GraphQL Discord to keep the conversation going.

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Korinne Alpers

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