May 15, 2020

Setting Up Authentication and Authorization with Apollo Federation

When building out a distributed GraphQL architecture with Apollo Federation, we will often need to limit query access based on who requested the data (authentication) and whether they’re allowed to see or change the data they requested (authorization).

May 7, 2020

A Deep Dive on Apollo Data Sources

The current state of data fetching and how to write our own data source library 🐕 💾

February 14, 2020

☝️ GraphQL File Uploads with React Hooks, TypeScript & Amazon S3 [Tutorial]

As time goes on, it looks like more developers are choosing to build their public-facing APIs with GraphQL instead of REST. We’re going to see a lot of the same problems people were solving with REST, solved with GraphQL, in a much cleaner and enjoyable way. A common task in a lot of web applications […]

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February 12, 2020

Apollo Server File Upload Best Practices

by Khalil Stemmler