August 19, 2020

Who’s Using My Graph?

We’re all used to celebrating big, sparkly successes, like major releases, new customer successes, and the end of a long saga of re-architecture. My favorite kind of success, however, often goes unnoticed: the success of avoiding failure. In our day-to-day lives as engineers, sadly, these events come to pass without much recognition: the sweet quietude of an […]

August 17, 2020

Building a Portable Apollo Server Config

One of the great things about Apollo Server is that there are lots of different Node.js middleware library integrations, and thus lots of different places you can run it. However, sometimes the best way to run Apollo Server in production isn’t necessarily the best way to run it during local development or testing. For example, AWS Lambda functions […]

June 17, 2020

Register Schema Changes Automatically with Schema Reporting

Apollo Graph Manager’s schema registry powers a ton of features that help you explore, maintain, and monitor your data graph. These features are at their most powerful when the schema you register with Apollo stays up to date with the schema you run in production. To help teams keep their schemas synced, we’re excited to […]

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May 26, 2020

Email & password authentication with accounts-js and Apollo Server

by Leo Pradel

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September 11, 2020

Announcing the GraphQL at Enterprise Scale Guide [Free Ebook]

by Michael Watson