February 24, 2021

How we built Odyssey

A few weeks ago, we launched Odyssey, Apollo’s new interactive learning platform. Our aim with Odyssey is to provide a fun, hands-on experience for developers who are eager to begin or advance their journey with Apollo and GraphQL. To provide the interactive experience we imagined, we decided to build our own learning management system (LMS) […]

January 27, 2021

Graph Roles and Protected Variants Are Now Available in Studio

tldr; you can now apply the user roles that we released last fall at a much more granular level. Happy New Year, everyone! Today, we are excited to share a significant expansion of the roles and permissions controls available in Studio. With these updates, you can confidently on-board more teams to your graph by ensuring […]

January 28, 2021

Introducing Odyssey, the Apollo Learning Platform

The Apollo platform provides loads of powerful tools that help you enjoy the benefits of GraphQL and a unified data graph. And as with any platform, there’s always more to learn about it. The Apollo docs provide a comprehensive reference for everything Apollo, but we know developers are eager for a more directed, interactive, and […]

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January 27, 2021

Apollo Enterprise: Schema Change Webhooks

by Josh Segaran

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March 2, 2021

Using Express with GraphQL – How to create a GraphQL server with Node/Express

by Khalil Stemmler