2016 Interns

Amanda Liu

MIT B.S. 2017 EECS
Amanda's main project was building a generic implementation of GraphQL Subscriptions, a much-awaited technology in the GraphQL community. She investigated possible approaches, developed an execution framework for the server, and designed and implemented a Websocket transport to enable clients to subscribe to data and receive results. Additionally, Amanda helped integrate Apollo technology into Meteor Galaxy, our production hosting platform for Meteor apps, and worked on bug fixes and improvements to Apollo Client. Read her blog post introducing GraphQL Subscriptions.

Changping Chen

MIT B.S. 2017 EECS
Changping spent the summer shipping product features and improvements to Meteor Galaxy, a Platform as a Service used by thousands of companies for hosting Meteor applications. Changping designed, developed and shipped a faster and more reliable new mechanism for building Docker containers that underpins how all customer applications are built and run on Galaxy.

Dhaivat Pandya

Harvard A.B. 2018 Computer Science and Statistics
Dhaivat worked on feature development, performance improvements, bug fixes, documentation, and marketing for Apollo Client. He worked on a variety of releases, and became one of the top contributors to the project during the course of the summer. He interacted with the open source community to gather requirements for the library, and explained his projects in several blog posts. Dhaivat also wrote a very popular post called "GraphQL Concepts Visualized".

Slava Kim

MIT B.S. 2019 EECS
Building on his previous experience at Meteor, Slava designed and implemented three core features in Apollo Client: Mutation result handling, Optimistic UI, and pagination support. These were some of the most critical features to get right for a GraphQL client, and Slava worked hard to gather feedback from everyone in the community, trying multiple approaches to get the best solution. He also helped explain GraphQL and Apollo concepts in educational materials.