2018 Interns

Maya Koneval

MIT B.S. 2021 Computer Science and Engineering
Maya spent the summer working as a frontend engineer to build UI elements for Apollo Engine, our commercial product to visualize and understand GraphQL schemas and their performance. We completely redesigned the interface while she was here and she played a huge role in building out that new design. She became a TypeScript whiz and built the product's new navigation components while also porting some of our original jsx to TypeScript. She embraced the reusable component pattern and built out reusable table and drawer patterns for our component library in Storybook. She also acquired a passion for CSS animations and built a number of animated loading states into the product that improved the user experience on page load.

Clarence Ngoh

CMU M.S. 2018 Electrical and Computer Engineering
Clarence joined the open source team this summer. After doing some initial work on improving how errors are handled across the Apollo stack, he spent a majority of the summer implementing the @defer directive in Apollo Server and Apollo Client. A long-awaited and powerful feature, Clarence designed and built the @defer directive out in collaboration with many Apollo community members and our open source team. His work was released in the last few weeks of his internship and you should try it out!

Lujing Cen

MIT B.S. 2020 Computer Science and Engineering
Lujing joined the infrastructure team this summer and worked on a number of the team's critical projects. After starting his summer by building extensible support for user and role permissioning in our system (and patching some security bugs in the process), he built a plan limitation enforcement mechanism into our server. He also finished building a translation layer between the Druid query language and GraphQL and adding that to our GraphQL API.

Ariel Skye Levy

MIT B.S. 2020 Computer Science and Engineering
Ariel joined the Engine team this summer where she worked as a full-stack engineer. She started her internship by contributing to a critical project to rebuild the navigation of the Engine UI to adhere to a new layout and design brand. After that she took on the project of building some major new features into Schema Explorer, which allows developers to view holistically what is in their GraphQL schema and is one of Engine's experiences.

Shadaj Laddad

Berkeley B.S. 2022 Computer Science
Shadaj joined the open source team and spent his summer building the Apollo CLI and a VS Code extension for Apollo and GraphQL. Building off his work on apollo-codegen last summer, he combined the apollo-codegen and apollo-cli projects into one, and built the beginnings of our VS Code extensions while leveraging those repositories and the Apollo language server. He worked closely with our open source team and community members to get the momentum on these two projects started, and they'll be released in full at GraphQL Summit in November 2018.

Martin Schneider

MIT B.S. 2019 Computer Science and Engineering
Martin joined the infrastructure team and spent the summer working on a number of critical projects related to data migration and security efforts. After starting the summer by designing a new Postgres schema and orchestrating the migration of all our account metadata from BigTable to his new system, he went on to land a number of other improvements in our system. He built in support for webhook events that hook into our billing system and designed a mechanism to control data cardinality that makes our systems more stable. Over the course of the summer he befriended one of our office dogs, Luci, and she misses him dearly.