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Jan 14, 2021
From the community

Kavitha Srinivasan on Federated GraphQL Adoption, Performance Considerations, and DevEx at Netflix

Podcast · InfoQ

Jan 14, 2021

Launch Pad: Building a Skate Spot Tracking App


Jan 14, 2021

Launch Pad: Building a Skate Spot Tracking App


Jan 11, 2021

GraphQL Summit Worldwide is back!

Calling all GraphQL developers; the biggest and most interactive GraphQL conference is back: GraphQL Summit Worldwide. Join us this April 7th and 8th, 2021 for another round of talks and panels from experts in the GraphQL community.  While we wish we could see you in person, we’re excited to meet you online again, to top how awesome last year was. […]

Blog post · Julia Black · Announcement, Community

Jan 11, 2021

GraphQL vs REST as Grocery Shopping

Tweet · Kurt Kemple · Uncategorized

Dec 15, 2020

GraphQL for Everyone

Here’s my talk from @GraphQLGalaxy! I really enjoyed participating in the conference, and had a lot of fun putting this talk together in particular. Definitely a topic close to my heart!

Talk · Danielle Mann · Platform

Dec 8, 2020

Apollo Studio: A GraphQL IDE for every environment

Developers love GraphQL because of its amazing developer experience. Yet even the best software has rough edges. This year, we embarked on a mission to identify challenges with current GraphQL tools in hopes that we could make an amazing developer experience even better. We chatted with dozens of developers, and the pain points and workarounds […]

Blog post · Danielle Man · Announcement, Platform

Nov 18, 2020

SDL Support in Apollo Android

If you’re using Apollo Android, the chances are that you are using a schema.json file: an introspection schema. While introspection schemas work well, GraphQL has SDL (Schema Definition Language), which is another, more concise, way to describe a schema.  The excellent news is that Apollo Android supports SDL! Read below to learn more about SDL and how to enable […]

Blog post · Martin Bonnin · Frontend, How-to, Tooling

Nov 16, 2020

When To Use Refetch Queries in Apollo Client

One of the most common use cases front-end developers face is re-render the UI after executing a mutation and changing something in the backend. To solve this problem, a lot of developers like to use the refetchQueries API. For example, if I wanted to add a todo to a list of todos, I might pass […]

Blog post · Khalil Stemmler · Frontend, How-to

Nov 12, 2020

The Evolution of GraphQL at Scale

Most organizations’ adventures with GraphQL start with one team looking for a way to solve one of the most significant frontend development problems in a microservice architecture: how to get all the data your app needs without making a million and one service calls. For a frontend engineer, that promise of getting all the data […]

Blog post · Andy Roberts · Backend, Community, How-to


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