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Migrating to v0.3

How to migrate to Apollo Server 0.3 from 0.2.

Note: This guide assumes you were previously up to date with apollo-server series 0.2.x. If you are currently using 0.1, consult the previous migration guide.

Version 0.3.0 of Apollo Server contains a couple of breaking changes in the Hapi plugin API. The most notable changes are:

  • the plugin class has been replaced as a function to be more idiomatic
  • the plugin name has been renamed to use camelcase
  • the options object has been extended to support additional routing options

The following code snippet for Hapi Apollo 0.2.x

import { ApolloHAPI } from 'apollo-server';
    register: new ApolloHAPI(),
    options: { schema: myGraphQLSchema },
    routes: { prefix: '/graphql' },

... should be written as follows for Hapi Apollo 0.3.x

import { apolloHapi } from 'apollo-server';
    register: apolloHapi,
    options: {
      path: '/graphql',
      apolloOptions: {
        schema: myGraphQLSchema,
      route: {
        cors: true

NOTE: That you can now pass additional routing configuration via the route options

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