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Migrating to v1.0

How to migrate to Apollo Server 1.0

In July of 2017, we announced the release of Apollo Server 1.0. This was not a major change, except for one thing: All of the packages have been renamed from graphql-server-* to apollo-server-*.

All of the options, names, and API are identical to pre-1.0 versions.

So, if before you were doing:

import { graphqlExpress, graphiqlExpress } from 'graphql-server-express';

Now, you should do:

import { graphqlExpress, graphiqlExpress } from 'apollo-server-express';

We made this change because it was consistent with how developers in the community were referring to the package. With the graphql-server name, we wanted to emphasize that this package works with any GraphQL technology, but people called it "Apollo Server" anyway, so we decided that was a good name to use officially as well.

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