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Setting up Apollo Server with Koa

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This is the Koa integration of Apollo Server. Apollo Server is a community-maintained open-source Apollo Server that works with all Node.js HTTP server frameworks: Express, Connect, Hapi, Koa and Restify. Read the docs. Read the CHANGELOG.

npm install apollo-server-koa


import koa from 'koa'; // koa@2
import koaRouter from 'koa-router';
import koaBody from 'koa-bodyparser';
import { graphqlKoa } from 'apollo-server-koa';

const app = new koa();
const router = new koaRouter();
const PORT = 3000;

// koaBody is needed just for POST.
app.use(koaBody());'/graphql', graphqlKoa({ schema: myGraphQLSchema }));
router.get('/graphql', graphqlKoa({ schema: myGraphQLSchema }));



You can also use apollo-server-koa for hosting the GraphiQL in-browser IDE. Note the difference between graphqlKoa and graphiqlKoa.

import { graphiqlKoa } from 'apollo-server-koa';

// Setup the /graphiql route to show the GraphiQL UI
    endpointURL: '/graphql', // a POST endpoint that GraphiQL will make the actual requests to

In case your GraphQL endpoint is protected via authentication, or if you need to pass other custom headers in the request that GraphiQL makes, you can use the passHeader option – a string that will be added to the request header object.

For example:

import { graphiqlKoa } from 'apollo-server-koa';

    endpointURL: '/graphql',
    passHeader: `'Authorization': 'Bearer lorem ipsum'`,


Apollo Server is built with the following principles in mind:

  • By the community, for the community: Apollo Server's development is driven by the needs of developers
  • Simplicity: by keeping things simple, Apollo Server is easier to use, easier to contribute to, and more secure
  • Performance: Apollo Server is well-tested and production-ready - no modifications needed

Anyone is welcome to contribute to Apollo Server, just read, take a look at the roadmap and make your first PR!

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