Pricing and Billing

Detailed information about Apollo Engine's plans and billing.

Selecting your plan

Engine is free for up to 1 million requests per month on the Community plan. Beyond that, we offer two subscription plans: Standard and Pro. Both Standard and Pro have tiered pricing options, longer data retention, and more features than the Community plan. You can view their details, feature breakdowns, and pricing charts here.

Engine is not free if your account is sending more than 1 million requests a month. If your account exceeds that limit you will be blocked from seeing your data and asked to upgrade to a paid plan.

Trial Engine Pro

Every Engine account is eligible for a free 2 week trial of Engine Pro, our most advanced plan, at any time, no credit card required. At the end of your Pro trial, you will be able to select which version of ngine you’d like to continue with.

Subscription interval options

Engine Standard and Pro subscriptions can be opted into annually or month-to-month. You can start on a monthly billing plan for Engine and switch to a pre-paid annual plan at any time by contacting us. You can view the pricing difference of paying annually vs. month-to-month here. All annual plans are 20% discounted from the regular month-to-month prices.

Viewing your plan and usage

You can view your Engine plan name and current query volume total for the current monthly period in the Settings page of your Engine account.

Downgrading to a lower query volume plan

  • Monthly plan customers: You may request a downgrade or cancellation at any time during a monthly term. The downgrade or cancellation will take effect on your next monthly renewal date.
  • Annual plan customers: Downgrades or cancellations are not possible during an annual term. Any downgrades or cancellations will take effect on your next annual renewal date.

Downgrade from a paid plan to the Community (free) plan

You may request a downgrade from any paid plan to the free Community plan at any time. Like other downgrades, this will take place at your next renewal date of your current paid plan, either monthly or annual.

Query volume

Engine plans are priced by the number of requests Engine records data for, accumulated across the services in your account. Paid Engine accounts do not get 1 million “free queries”, that is only available in the Engine Community plan.

Exceeding your plan’s request limit

  • Monthly plan customers: We will automatically upgrade your monthly plan to the appropriate volume tier when you exceed the query volume limit for a plan during a monthly billing period. Your will be billed a pro-rated amount for the initial upgrade and the full amount of the new plan for subsequent monthly periods at your next billing date which remains unchanged. You can request a downgrade back to a lower volume tier from us at any time.
  • Annual plan customers: Engine will keep working if you exceed your volume tier during your annual subscription. Our team will work with you on upgrading your plan based on your expected volumes. We also reserve the right to automatically upgrade your account to the appropriate tier, prorated for the remaining duration of your initial annual billing period.

Fluctuations in query volume

If your query volume decreases to a different volume tier, you may request a downgrade to take place at your next renewal date (monthly or annual). Engine will not automatically downgrade you to a lower volume plan. Engine query volume in your plan is based on a “use-it-or-lose it” maximum limit — there is no “rollover” or credit for unused monthly volume for monthly or annual plan customers.

Billing and payment

You will be charged for your Engine subscription plan at the beginning of each usage period, based on your request volume and billing term you select (monthly or annually). Your Engine subscription plan automatically renews each billing term.

Engine subscriptions can be purchased using any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) or PayPal. You can view and update your payment method in the Settings page f your Engien account.

Depending on the size of the invoice and billing term, you may arrange for alternative payment methods. Please contact our solutions team for more details.

You can access all past invoices for your Engine account in the Settings page of your account. The billing contact of your account will also receive a statement via email.

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