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API keys

Every application that sends data to Apollo must use an API key to do so. Apollo Studio enables you to create and manage two types of API keys: graph API keys and personal API keys. Every system that isn't running as part of your local development setup should always use a graph API key.

Graph API keys

A graph API key provides full access to a single graph in Apollo Studio. A GraphQL server (such as Apollo Server) can use a graph API key to register its schema and push metrics to Studio.

Create a unique graph API key for each non-development system that communicates with Studio. Doing so enables you to revoke access to a single system without affecting others.

Personal API keys

A personal API key provides partial access to every graph in every organization you belong to. Specifically, the Apollo CLI and VS Code extension support personal API keys, but all other Studio interactions require a graph API key.

Interactions that require a graph API key include:

Every interaction that's performed using a personal API key is associated with the corresponding user.

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