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Audit log of material Studio events

Download a log of all material events that have occured in your account

As of July 2021, Studio Enterprise offers an audit log of all material events that have ocurred in your organization. You can find the interface to request an export of auditable events under the Audit tab of your organization's homepage:

Apollo Studio audit log

How it works

Actions taken in your organization appear in exported logs about 10-15 minutes after they occur. When creating an audit export, you can specify a time range and filter actions taken by a specific user, or actions taken on a specific graph. If you need to export a log with a complex filter, please contact us at

Audit exports sometimes take a few minutes to process. When an export is ready, Studio emails you a link to it, and you can also find that link in the audit exports table. Audit export files are available to download for 30 days.

Only Organization Admins can request audit exports.

Audited events

All material changes to your Studio account are logged in the audit log. This includes:

  • Graph Changes

    • Graphs created and deleted
    • Graph titles, descriptions, or avatars changed
    • API keys created, renamed, or deleted
    • Datadog configuration changed
    • Hidden/visible property changed
    • Graph role overrides changed
    • Variants created
  • User Changes

    • User added to or removed from org
    • User role changed in org
    • Beta features toggled on/off
    • User API keys created, renamed, or deleted
    • Password changed or password reset attempted
    • Avatar or email changed
    • Submitted a support ticket
    • Email verified
    • User deleted
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