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Development graphs

Use Studio features in your development environment

⚠️ Support for development graphs will end on August 12, 2022. We are sunsetting development graphs in favor of local development via Apollo Sandbox.

  • See the Sandbox docs.
  • Open Sandbox.

Development graphs (or dev graphs) are a special type of graph in Apollo Studio. Unlike a deployed graph (which represents a graph in a deployed environment like staging or production), a dev graph represents a graph in your own development environment.

Your dev graphs are only visible to you, so you can prototype and iterate on schema changes quickly and safely, without creating noise for your teammates.

Currently, dev graphs support the following Apollo Studio features:

Other Apollo Studio features (such as metrics reporting and graph API keys) are not yet supported.

Using the Explorer with dev graphs

You can use the Apollo Studio Explorer to explore and query dev graphs just like you use it with deployed graphs.

When you're exploring a dev graph, Studio's top nav displays a special Dev Graph dropdown menu:

The dropdown displays a green dot if the Explorer is successfully connected to your running GraphQL server.

Click the dropdown to configure the following options that are specific to dev graphs:

  • Endpoint URL: If your development server's endpoint changes (for example, if you run the server on a different port), update it here.
  • Auto update: By default, the Explorer regularly polls your development server for updates to your schema. If you change your schema and restart your server, the Explorer detects and reflects these changes automatically. You can disable that automatic behavior here.
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