Engine completes GraphQL

Engine handles the parts of Apollo's functionality that belong as separate infrastructure services, rather than in the client or inside each server process.

  • Performance tracing
  • Schema management
  • Error tracking
  • Caching

Query execution tracing and timing

Get a precise picture of each GraphQL operation and its performance.

Built on the Apollo Tracing GraphQL extension, Engine brings to light the cost of each piece of data on the screen, helps you zero in on resolvers that most affect page render times, and shows which components are responsible for the load on your backend services.

Integrated GraphQL query caching

Cache pre-assembled query results at the edge of your GraphQL layer, minimizing render times and workload on your backends.

Engine applies field-level cache control policies to incoming operations, caching every eligible query in your app without manual configuration. Execution traces show each query's computed cache policy and pinpoints uncached UI components.

Error tracking

Investigate GraphQL server errors in their full context by field, by path, and by operation.

Integrated with execution tracing and field analysis, Engine's error tracking helps you identify the clients and UI components affected by misbehaving resolvers, diagnose errors triggered by particular queries or fragments, and understand the impact of errors on your application's performance.

Schema analysis

Understand exactly how — and how much — each field in your GraphQL schema is used.

Engine captures an unabridged history of each field's access, giving you a precise understanding of how your data is used and who is using it. Schema analysis helps you manage schema version changes, safely deprecate unused fields, focus your performance efforts, and discover underused parts of your API.

Trends and history

See the impact of changing component combinations, GraphQL queries, and changing user behavior on your API.

Engine stores execution traces, field utilization, error events, and fine-grained cache statistics up to 18 months, even on APIs scaled to billions of queries a month. Detect changes in performance and workload as soon as they occur and before they affect your users.

Low latency. High security. Fully managed.

Engine is hybrid prem GraphQL infrastructure.

Engine's core services run in our cloud, centrally managed, monitored, and scaled for you. A thin proxy deploys into your own cloud or datacenter, sitting in the request path right next to your GraphQL services.

You can run the Engine proxy in two ways:

  • Automatically as a sidecar to your JavaScript GraphQL server for getting up and running fast. As easy as npm install.

  • Manually as a fleet of Docker containers for larger deployments or when your ops team wants full control over your GraphQL infrastructure.

Low latency

Requests are handled entirely within your own datacenter.


Your business data never leaves your premises.

Highly available

Your API uptime doesn't depend on our services.

Free Forever

Up to 1 million requests per month

Engine is free for the first 1 million queries each month, more than enough for many apps. Additional queries cost just $9/million queries, metered to the penny. No commitments — just pay for what you use.

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