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Odyssey is Apollo's free interactive learning platform. It's the perfect place to start your GraphQL journey, and we'll be adding courses on more advanced features and topics soon.

Odyssey courses are collections of short and snappy lessons you can complete on your own schedule. Tasks and quick quizzes are sprinkled in to reinforce your learning. Here's one now:

Which of these are the names of Odyssey courses?

You can try answering the question as many times as you need.

You might even come across drag 'n' drop-style activities, like this fill-in-the-blank example:

Drag 'n' Drop

I am a fill-in-the-blank
. Drag items from the
below and drop them into blanks here!

Drag items from the box to the blanks above


Of course it's not all theory—each course comes with a real-life application that you'll be building along with the instructor, step by step.

You'll also learn best practices along the way and get experience with tools such as the Apollo Studio Explorer. See it in action below!

Click the purple Run Query button to run the query. You'll see data show up on the right side.

Want to get the full Studio experience? Sign up for a free Apollo account at studio.apollographql.com/dev.

Stuck on a challenge? You get 3 tries before the Solution button will magically appear!

When you pass a challenge, you get wonderful colorful digital confetti celebrating your success! 🎉 If something's not quite right, read the failed tests to help guide you toward the correct solution.

If you ever need extra guidance or want to talk about what you just learned, join the Apollo community forums! Our team and community members will be happy to help.


We love hearing what you'd like to learn next or how we can improve our courses. We're constantly updating and expanding our library, so check back or follow us on Twitter to hear about the latest updates.

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