8. Resolvers and data sources

Progress update

Let's revisit what we've built so far. We've got a working GraphQL server, which has the schema for validating requests. We can return data in a form that matches the queries the client team wants to use on the frontend.

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What next? We want to replace our mock data with actual Catstronaut data! That means we'll need resolvers and data sources.

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A resolver is a function that returns data to populate a specific field in the schema.

How does it do that? By getting data from other services, like REST APIs or databases.

  • Where our data will come from: Catstronauts REST API

Data sources

How do we connect our resolvers to the Catstronauts REST API? We could use something like node-fetch to query the REST API directly. But there's a tool that will make things work better: the RESTDataSource class from Apollo.

The RESTDataSource class includes performance optimizations like caching and de-duplicating requests.

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  • Apollo Docs: Data sources. Includes a list of other commonly used data sources.