11. Wrap-up

😻 The Catstronauts homepage

We're at the end of the journey! Your app should now look something like this:


🏆 Course complete!

Congrats on completing the first feature of our Catstronauts app! 🚀

To build our homepage grid feature, we used a schema-first approach, meaning we considered data needs from the client's perspective before even starting to code.

We defined our schema and used Apollo Server to build a basic GraphQL endpoint that provides mocked responses.

We then used the Apollo Studio Explorer to interactively build queries from our development graph.

Finally, we developed the client side of our Catstronauts app. We used React, Apollo Client, and the useQuery Hook to perform a query on our GraphQL server to display our tracks in a nice grid card layout.

In the following course, we'll connect our app to live data using a REST data source and write our first resolvers to provide that data to clients.

See you in the next mission, Lift-off II !