Target GraphQL Workshop

Build faster with a common graph

Join us for a GraphQL workshop for just the Target engineering team. Dan Boerner, Enterprise Graph Champion at Apollo and formerly a Distinguished Product Manager at Expedia, will be discussing how Expedia used a graph to accelerate software delivery and improve developer experience. Michael Watson, Solutions Architect, will be demonstrating how engineering teams can build distributed GraphQL schemas.

Why attend:

  1. This event is just for the Target-engineering team so you’ll be able to talk directly and frankly with our team
  2. We’ll share some of our insights on running a distributed graph gleaned from working with companies like AirBnB, Netflix, and Expedia
  3. Learn how a common graph is empowering front-end teams to build faster on a single endpoint while allowing backend teams to manage and evolve their services independently.


Michael Watson - Solutions Architect, Apollo GraphQL
Dan Boerner, Enterprise Graph Champion at Apollo GraphQL. Previously, Distinguished Product Manager at Expedia

Date: Tuesday, March 16th
Time: 11:00AM PT/2:00PM ET


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