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Apollo Graph Developer - Associate Certification

Developers who obtain this certification possess a solid foundational knowledge of GraphQL and the Apollo tool suite to design a schema, run an Apollo Server 4, and perform queries with Apollo Client 3 on the frontend.

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Apollo Graph Developer - Associate


  • JavaScript

  • React

Skills Assessed

  • GraphQL & Apollo basics

    • Understand the GraphQL & Apollo ecosystem

    • Design a basic schema

    • Create an Apollo Server and connect to a REST data source

    • Implement Apollo Client library in a React app, build a basic GraphQL query and display results

  • Resolvers, arguments, mutations

    • Implement resolvers

    • Use arguments in queries and resolvers

    • Add a mutation to the schema

    • Explain the best practices for shaping a mutation response and handling errors

    • Use the useMutation hook to send a mutation to the server

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