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Backend path

Build a GraphQL API with the server language of your choice.

Apollo lunar module

Intro to GraphQL with Java & DGS

Learn the basics of GraphQL with Java and Netflix's Domain Graph Service (DGS) framework

Astronaut spacesuit

Intro to GraphQL with .NET (C#) & Hot Chocolate

Learn the basics of GraphQL with .NET C# and the Hot Chocolate framework

Hubble space telescope

Intro to GraphQL with TypeScript & Apollo Server

Learn the basics of GraphQL with TypeScript and Apollo Server

Saturn V rocket boosters

Intro to GraphQL with Python and Strawberry

Learn the basics of GraphQL with Python and the Strawberry GraphQL library.


Fullstack path

Build a complete app with TypeScript or JavaScript, from backend to frontend using Apollo libraries.

Space shuttle

Lift-off I: Basicsv2

Get started with Apollo Server & Client (JavaScript/TypeScript)

Saturn V rocket boosters

Lift-off II: Resolversv2

Live data, resolvers, and data sources

Apollo lunar module

Lift-off III: Argumentsv2

Getting specific with GraphQL query arguments


Go further with GraphQL and GraphOS

Take your existing GraphQL API to the next level with the Apollo developer platform.


GraphOS: Basics

Get started with Apollo's GraphQL API development platform. Analyze graph metrics, improve the client experience and enable a smooth GraphQL development experience.


GraphOS: Safe API delivery

Launch API changes with confidence using the GraphOS schema registry, schema checks and graph insights.


GraphOS: Growing your API

Expand your API with a new business domain. Learn how to use GraphOS and the federated GraphQL architecture to easily add new capabilities to your API.


Welcome to Apollo Odyssey

Odyssey is Apollo's official learning platform that offers free hands-on GraphQL tutorials. It's the perfect place to start your GraphQL journey. Odyssey courses are collections of short and snappy lessons you can complete on your own schedule. Each lesson comes with a video and its written counterpart. Additionally, our GraphQL tutorials are enriched with code challenges, tasks, and quick quizzes to make the experience interactive and reinforce your knowledge.

Each GraphQL tutorial comes with a real-life application that you'll be building along with the instructor, step by step. You'll also get many opportunities to practice with in-lesson code challenges to keep things concrete and hands-on. When you pass a challenge, you get wonderful colorful digital confetti celebrating your success πŸŽ‰! If something's not quite right, read the failed tests to help guide you toward the correct solution.

If you ever need extra guidance or want to talk about what you just learned, join the Apollo community forums! Our team and community members will be happy to help. And in case you're looking for more targeted information on one of our Apollo libraries, you can always check out our documentation.

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Become a certified Apollo Graph Developer

Let’s find the path that works for you right now. Where are you in your certification journey?

Level 1

I'm new!

Get started with GraphQL and Apollo and earn the Apollo Graph Associate certification!

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Level 2

I know the basics

Dive into Apollo Federation and earn the Apollo Graph Professional certification!

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What developers say about our GraphQL tutorials

β€œMore courses like this! By far the best set of tutorials for getting used to a new technology I've used in a long time.”
β€œI really enjoyed this course, the new interactive question with drag and drop are cool, the performance of the instructors were cool too!”
β€œI LOVE that you can skim through quickly, or dive deep. This is one of the best UX's I've seen for a course structure.”
β€œHonestly, you put together an unreal tutorial so far. Nothing but gratitude here.”
β€œProbably the best course out there to learn GraphQL”
β€œI just wanted to say a huge thank you to all who worked to make this course so detailed an nice to follow. The way you structured the questions an videos inside the flow is amazing!”

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