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Apollo Graph Developer - Professional Certification

Developers who obtain this certification demonstrate strong familiarity with Apollo Federation concepts. They can apply those concepts to build a federated supergraph or move an existing monolithic graph to federation.

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Apollo Graph Developer - Professional


  • Basic knowledge of GraphQL and Apollo libraries, as covered in the Apollo Graph Associate Developer Certification

Skills Assessed

  • Apollo Federation 2

    • List the benefits of Apollo Federation and managed federation

    • Describe the components of a federated graph architecture (subgraphs, gateway, supergraph schema, Apollo Uplink)

    • Summarize the process of managed federation

  • Components of a supergraph architecture

    • Explain how a query travels from the client to the gateway to subgraphs

    • Create subgraphs and a gateway using Apollo packages

  • Subgraph schema design and syntax

    • Use Apollo federation directives such as @shareable, @key and @inaccessible

    • Create and reference entities in a subgraph schema

    • Contribute fields to entities in a subgraph schema

    • Define value types in a subgraph schema

  • Subgraph resolvers

    • Describe and implement reference resolvers and entity representations

  • Authentication in a supergraph

    • Explain how to pass authorization headers from the client to the gateway to subgraphs

  • Schema checks

    • List the benefits of schema checks

    • Describe what composition checks are and how to run them using Rover

    • Describe what operation checks are and how to run them using Rover

    • Use Apollo Studio to navigate schema checks and address errors

  • Graph variants

    • Explain what a graph variant is and what it's useful for

    • Publish a subgraph schema to a graph variant in Studio

  • Observability in Apollo Studio

    • Define a trace and a federated trace

    • Define field usage metrics: field executions and referencing operations

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