6. Wrapping up

It's the moment of truth!

🎯 Your goal for this step:

Run a that retrieves a playlist, its tracks, and their artist data all at once

A mockup of an artist view, showing name, followers, genres and a link URI

Use the following playlist ID when completing these tasks.

A playlist ID
Sandbox tasks

Solution: Wrapping up

query GetPlaylist($playlistId: ID!) {
playlist(id: $playlistId) {
tracks {
artist {
Who is the artist for track 'Lemon Tree' in the query response?

You did it!

Fantastic job completing this server-side lab. You've tackled from start to finish the task of bringing in a new feature to our API. From the schema to the , the Artist type is now part of our music catalog app.

But what better way to end a solo mission than with another challenge? Check out the implementation of the Track.artist , and see if you notice something in need of a performance tune-up...

Then, keep an eye out for the next course in the TypeScript series: Data Loaders with TypeScript & . The journey continues!


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