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Authentication & Authorization

We'll look at an example of how to implement authentication and authorization in a GraphQL server. We'll use the HTTP Authorization request header to log in users, and we'll use field-level authorization to control user permissions to parts of the schema.

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  • Updated Nov 08, 2022
  • 4 lessons

What you'll learn

  • What is authentication and authorization

  • Send user authentication credentials using HTTP headers

  • Use the context option in Apollo Server 3 to pass credentials to resolvers

  • Use field-level authorization in a GraphQL API


  • JavaScript
  • Odyssey Lift-off series (or comfortable with the basics of Apollo Server)


Michelle Mabuyo and Megan Sullivan

Lesson List

  • Introduction
  • Authentication: Identifying users
  • Authorization: Checking permissions
  • Auth in GraphOS Studio

This tutorial includes

  • tasks
  • fill in the blank activities
  • multiple choice questions

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