GraphOS: Growing your supergraph

Ready to unlock the next level? We're expanding our supergraph! We'll add another subgraph, walk through the process of composition and learn about how the router creates its query plan. We'll also get hands-on with local development using rover dev.

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  • Updated May 23, 2023
  • 6 lessons

What you'll learn

  • Add a subgraph to an existing supergraph using Studio

  • How to use rover dev to run a supergraph locally

  • Describe and reference an existing entity

  • Identify and analyze trace metrics


  • You'll need a basic level understanding of GraphQL (working with a schema, writing resolvers, building a query)
  • You'll need a basic level understanding of supergraph architecture (what's a router, what are subgraphs and how do they work together)
  • If you'd like to code along, you'll need a GitHub account and be familiar with Git basics (commiting changes, pushing to a remote repository, navigating directories)


Michelle Mabuyo

Lesson List

This tutorial includes

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  • tasks
  • multiple choice questions

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    • fill in the blank activities
    • code challenges

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