GraphOS: Shipping your supergraph

Schema changes, additions and deprecations are key to a healthy and useful supergraph. We'll learn how to use the Rover CLI to run schema checks, publish schema changes and launch our changes confidently. We'll walk through an example of how to deprecate a field in your schema safely using helpful tools and metrics from GraphOS.

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  • Updated May 25, 2023
  • 7 lessons

What you'll learn

  • The importance of schema checks in your development workflow

  • How to run schema checks using Rover and Studio

  • How to safely replace a field in your schema

  • Using the @deprecated directive

  • How to integrate schema checks and publishing your schema into your CI/CD workflow

  • Inspecting field usage in GraphOS


  • You'll need a basic level understanding of GraphQL (working with a schema, writing resolvers, building a query)
  • If you'd like to code along, you'll need a GitHub account and be familiar with Git basics (commiting changes, pushing to a remote repository, navigating directories)
  • If you'd like to code along, you'll need to know how to open up the project in a code editor, make and save changes
  • The code-along uses JavaScript and React


Michelle Mabuyo

Lesson List

  • GraphOS for schema delivery
  • Project setup
  • Field deprecation
  • Schema checks
  • Publishing to the schema registry
  • Integrating into CI/CD
  • Field insights

This tutorial includes

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  • tasks
  • fill in the blank activities
  • multiple choice questions

  • Coming soon

    • multiple choice questions
    • fill in the blank activities

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