Lift-off IV: Mutations v1

Learn how to use GraphQL mutations with Apollo Server and Apollo Client.

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Lift-off IV: Mutations is a certifying course

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  • Updated Nov 09, 2022
  • 9 lessons

What you'll learn

  • Add mutations to a schema

  • Learn best practices for mutation responses

  • Write resolvers to handle both successful responses and errors

  • Send mutations using Apollo Client 3


  • JavaScript
  • React


Michelle Mabuyo, Raph Terrier, and Jonny Gaston

Lesson List

This tutorial includes

  • videos (22 min total)
  • tasks
  • multiple choice questions
  • fill in the blank activities
  • code challenges

Version history

If you take multiple versions of the same course, your progress for each version is saved separately.

VersionLast updatedChanges
Current versionRecommendedJul 15, 2024
  • Apollo Server 4

  • React Router

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v1Nov 09, 2022
  • Apollo Server 3

  • Reach Router

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