October 5, 2021

GraphQL Summit Agenda Preview

Jessica Hofman
Director, Events & Field Marketing

Get ready for GraphQL Summit taking place November 10-11! Explore the future of GraphQL with community champions and experts in this two-day interactive virtual conference dedicated to building, managing, and scaling with the graph.

A Jam-Packed Agenda New for the Fall Summit, we’ll be running two concurrent tracks: Build and Scale, so you can stay focused on the sessions that matter to you most.

Build Learn best practices for building, testing, and maintaining GraphQL including building apps with Next.js and Apollo, GraphQL security, observability, and more.

Scale Gain insights into the key considerations for scaling the graph including designing federated graphs, supporting multiple clients and use cases with the graph, change management, security, authorization, collaboration, and more.

Want to view both tracks? No problem, all summit sessions will be available on-demand so you can revisit and replay to your heart’s content.

Featured Speakers:

  • Shruti Kapoor, Senior Software Engineer, PayPal
  • Sergei Shevlyagin, Senior Software Developer, Zillow Group
  • Kenny McGarvey, GraphQL Tech Lead, Varo Bank
  • Ebenezer Don, Developer Advocate, JetBrains
  • Patrick Arminio, Senior Backend Engineer, Pollen
  • Matt DeBergalis, Founder and CTO, Apollo GraphQL
  • Parul Schroff, Staff Product Manager, Apollo GraphQL
  • Mandi Wise, Manager, Solutions Architect, Apollo GraphQL
  • Phil Prasek, Principal Product Manager, Apollo GraphQL
  • Dan Boerner, Graph Champion, Apollo GraphQL
  • Khalil Stemmler, Senior Developer Advocate, Apollo GraphQL

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Jessica Hofman

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