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Choose the right plan for your team.

For teams looking to get started with GraphQL with an integrated platform for developing and managing a GraphQL API.
Up to 25M operations/month
For individual teams or smaller companies that want to power applications using GraphQL and need performance insights.
$49per user / month*
Up to 250M operations/month

*$49 per user / month when billed annually.Monthly price is $59 per user month.
Build a mission-critical GraphQL API. Regardless of your company’s size, the Enterprise plan helps you scale safely with a committed production SLA, advanced security and governance, and solutions expertise.
Custom operations/month
Trusted by Industry Leaders
We've helped many digital leaders implement GraphQL in mission-critical apps. We'll help you do GraphQL right too, consistent with industry best practices.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try the Apollo Team plan before buying it?

Yes. If your organization is currently on the Free plan, you can start a free 2-week trial of the Team plan from your organization’s Settings page. During the trial, you can freely add and remove members from your organization. Any time after the trial completes, you can sign up for a Team plan subscription and choose either annual or monthly billing.

How do I view my organization’s current plan and list of members?

You can view your organization’s plan, pricing, and members from the organization’s Settings page.

Which users am I billed for?

You are billed for each user that’s a member of the Studio organization associated with your plan except for users with consumer-level permissions. You can add free, unlimited consumers that have read-only access to your schema. You can review these members from the Studio UI.

What happens if I add new users during the month?

You can invite new users to try Studio during the month. Our no-worries billing policy gives you the opportunity to review new users in your organization one week before billing on the 1st of each month, so you remain in control of your bill.

What subscription options are available for the Team plan?

Billing for the Team plan can be either annual or month-to-month. The plan costs $49 per user per month when paid annually, or $59 per user per month when paid monthly. You can start on a monthly billing plan and switch to a prepaid annual plan at any time by contacting us.

How will I be billed?

Apollo subscriptions can be purchased with any major credit card. Please contact us to arrange for alternative payment methods. You can view and update your payment method from your organization’s Settings page in the Studio UI.
If you choose annual billing, Apollo charges you $588 per user annually (equaling $49 per user per month). Your plan’s auto-renewal date is set one year from your signup date. You will receive a renewal reminder email one month before your renewal date.
If you choose monthly billing, Apollo charges you a pro-rated amount for the current month on the day you sign up, then charges you on the 1st of each following month. Our no-worries billing policy gives you the opportunity to review new users in your organization one week before your monthly billing date, so you remain in control of your bill.

How do I know what plan is best for my organization?

If you are a small team just getting started with GraphQL, oftentimes the free plan is sufficient. For individual or a handful of teams looking to run in production-critical applications, we recommend upgrading to team plan as it adds schema checks to detect potentially breaking changes and offers a higher operations limit. You can start a 14-day trial of the team plan at any time. For organizations with more than a few teams using GraphQL, we recommend looking into an enterprise plan. The enterprise plan adds around-the-clock support along with solutions expertise. It also offers higher operations volume limits and provides more advanced security features like SSO, advanced user permission.

What is operations volume and what happens if I exceed my limit?

When you integrate with Apollo Studio, you report your operations from your server, which allows Studio to provide metrics reporting for your GraphQL operations. The free plans have a 25M operations/month limit, teams have a 250M limit, and enterprise has custom limits. If you exceed your limits, we will contact you about upgrading to a higher plan.
If you have a federated graph, each operation you report from your gateway counts as a single operation toward your limit, regardless of the number of subgraphs that helped resolve the operation.

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