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Free and Commercial Plans
Use Apollo's complete platform to build and manage a shared data graph.
Get started with the industry standard GraphQL libraries and data graph management tools to develop and run a GraphQL API.
Collaborate with your team on a shared graph using advanced features to pinpoint performance issues, keep schema changes backward compatible, and restrict your server to safe operations.
$49per month*
*The Team plan starts at $49 when billed yearly.
Operate your data graph at scale with a committed production SLA, a dedicated support engineer, single sign-on support, and access to solutions architects who can help you from prototype to production.
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Open Source and Core Libraries
Apollo Client, JS and native iOS and Android
Apollo Server
Apollo Federation
Development Tools
Chrome DevTools
VS Code Extension
Apollo CLI
Graph Manager
Schema Registry
Schema Variants
Managed service deploy
Performance Metrics
Client Registry
Schema Validation
Trace inspection
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Roles and permissions
Data Retention Duration
1 day
90 days
18 months
Community forum
Technical support
1 business day
Data Processing Agreement
Dedicated Apollo engineer
Team Plan
Query Volume Pricing
Bill Yearly
Bill Monthly
up to
1 million
Per month*
up to
3 million
Per month*
up to
5 million
Per month*
up to
10 million
Per month*
up to
25 million
Per month*
*Price per month when billed yearly
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I try the Apollo Team plan before buying it?
Yes. You can start a free 2-week Team trial from the "Settings" page of your account. No credit card is required. At the end of the trial, features that are exclusive to the Team plan will become locked again and you will need to upgrade to continue using them.
What subscription options are available for the Team plan?
Subscriptions are either annual or month-to-month. Annual plans are discounted 20% from the regular month-to-month prices. You can start on a monthly billing plan and switch to a pre-paid annual plan at any time by contacting us.
What plan am I currently on and what is my usage?
View your plan name and query volume for the current monthly period in the "Settings" page of your account.
How do I downgrade my plan?
You may request a downgrade or cancellation at any time during a monthly or annual term by contacting us. The change will take effect on your next monthly or annual renewal date.
What happens if I exceed my plan’s query volume limit?
Monthly plan customers: Apollo will automatically upgrade your monthly plan to the appropriate volume tier when you exceed the query volume limit for a plan during a monthly billing period. Your will be billed a pro-rated amount for the initial upgrade and the full amount of the new plan for subsequent monthly periods at your next billing date which remains unchanged. You can request a downgrade back to a lower volume tier from us at any time.
Annual plan customers: Apollo will keep working if you exceed your volume tier during your annual subscription. Our team will work with you on upgrading your plan based on your expected volumes. We also reserve the right to automatically upgrade your account to the appropriate tier, prorated for the remaining duration of your annual billing period.
How will I be billed?
Apollo subscriptions can be purchased using any major credit card. Please contact us to arrange for alternative payment methods. You can view and update your payment method in the Settings page of your account. You will be charged for your Apollo subscription at the beginning of each usage period (monthly or annually) and it will automatically renew each billing term.