We are a small, tight-knit team, spread across the globe, that is dedicated to helping developers build great apps. Everyone here is passionate about making software development easier, better, and more accessible to more people.
We love working with the most talented people we can find across the globe. Having a remote-first team is core to our company's culture, and we use the latest systems possible to ensure seamless collaboration between our remote teammates and those in HQ. In addition to using Slack for important conversations and Quip for documentation, we have high-quality videoconferencing and we record our most important meetings so they can be watched asynchronously for those in different timezones.
We also believe that face-to-face interaction is a key part of reinforcing a strong team, so we have a travel calendar for our remote team members to come to HQ to work and celebrate with the SF-based team every quarter.
Danielle Man
Engineering Manager
“Chief Monkey Herder 🐵”. Danielle built most of this website and she didn't want to write a bio for herself.
Geoff Schmidt
Geoff is both our CEO and our SMT (“Sayer of Many Things”). He raised his first venture capital round at 20, and outside of Apollo, is the proprietor of Monument, a 24-unit live/work community. He wins the prize for “Lives Closest to the Office”.
Jake Dawkins
Core Developer
When not coasting through popular memes, Jake can be found cruising around NYC on his longboard. He has a love of data structures, automated testing, and southern sweet tea. Ask him about GraphQL, building mobile apps, or Clemson football.
Matt DeBergalis
Matt runs Research and Development at Apollo, so if you don't like our stuff, he's the person to blame. Before Apollo, he founded and ran ActBlue. Before that, he was a kernel hacker. He's also the pilot of his own Beechcraft Baron.
Hugh Willson
Engineering Manager
Doting husband/father, snowboarder, book junkie and fitness fanatic, Hugh has worked with Fortune 500's, startups, and everything in-between. He’s also the only Canadian that doesn’t like talking about the weather, hockey or Tim Horton’s.
Sachin Shinde
Core Developer
Hailing from Boston, Sachin joins our team as a specialist in performance engineering and distributed systems. When not poring over design books, he can be found gaming, watching horror films, and roaming the streets of SF looking for good eats.
Alex Mann
Backend Software Engineer
Alex can sometimes be found at his computer. He writes code for humans. He is a strong believer that most bad homemade bread can be turned into excellent croutons. Avid rock climber, chef, cyclist, and canine trainer...preferably not at the same time.
James Baxley
Director of Engineering
Normally found in his garden tending his bee hives, James is a believer in cultivating happy and healthly communities. He is a lover of design systems, all things javascript and fixing old land rovers.
Catrina Zhang
Catrina has a record of delivering stellar results for both Fortune 500 and start-up companies. She's held senior leadership roles with Amazon and Jawbone before Apollo. She enjoys traveling, hiking, and gourmet food in her spare time.
Trent Williams
Sales Development
Trent is a California native hailing from San Diego who made his way up to the Bay by swimming at Cal. When he’s not on the phone with a prospect he can be found training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or watching anime.
Joel Glovier
Senior Staff Product Designer
Joel is a designer and developer focused on building tools to improve developer workflows. He’s an introvert who loves people, and a PNW transplant who enjoys skateboarding, hiking, and painting.
Kurt Kemple
Senior Developer Advocate
Kurt is a technical writer, speaker, and software developer in Virginia Beach, VA. He’s very passionate about GraphQL and building relationships with the community. When not working he can be found longboarding by the ocean or talking someone’s ear off about CrossFit.
Thao Le
Solutions Engineer
Thao joins our team as a solutions engineer, resident rock climber, and paddleboarder. On weekends, you can find her hightailing it for the Eastern Sierras or the Ocean. She has worked for companies such as Samsara Networks Inc., Bio-rad Laboratories, and The Coca-Cola Company.
Chang Wang
Platform Engineer
A member of our Apollo East Canadian clan, Chang joins the minority of snowboarders at Apollo. He loves shawarma and created He swears that inconsistencies with the data are npm's fault, not his.
Justin Anastos
Core Developer
Justin joins the Apollo East clan from Disney where he tells us he watched the exhaustive list of movies in their library. He makes his own pastrami, loves board games, and is one of the few half marathon finishers at the company!
Trenton Truitt
VP Sales
When Trenton is not busy building the go-to-market engine, you can find him watching his three kids playing sports.
Pierre Carrier
Tech Lead: Backend
While he specialized in distributed systems, Pierre is an expert on a number of other things including typography, strategy games, and keyboards (he's designed his own, the Planck). He's also the fastest talker this side of the Rhine.
Ashi Krishnan
Senior Server Engineer
Ashi is a visual poet who has been telling stories for over thirteen billion years. She has been a rapidly expanding quark-gluon plasma, a world-spanning ocean, various invertebrates, and, more recently, a teacher, a coder, and a writer. Her work focuses on the interface between complex systems and subjective experience. She is still learning to regard every moment, and the creatures within them, with love.
Ran Magen
Core Developer
Likes: dogs, esk8, guitar, coding, fantasy books, video games, tv, movies, traveling (23 countries so far!), Burning Man, and stuff that's meta. Dislikes: writing about himself, and even worse, doing it in the 3rd person! Formerly of Twitter & AWS.
Zari Salimnejad
Sr. Staff Product Designer
Zari is a product designer who found her calling in developer tools. She is an active mentor in the women-in-tech community and an avid crossword puzzler.
Jenn Creighton
Senior Staff Open Source Engineer
Jenn is all about JavaScript. Her love of open source extends to conference speaking and organizing community events. She can often be found knee-deep in a Github repository, wondering aloud. She can be bribed with croissants or bubble tea. Her favorite word is “cahoots.”
Trevor Scheer
Platform Engineer
Trevor joins us in California from Boston. He may be the only Las Vegas native who can't handle the heat and gets lost on The Strip. Trevor loves skiing and cycling, and enjoys experimenting with frontend technologies and tooling.
Peggy Rayzis
Engineering Manager
An avid speaker, traveler, and world-traveling speaker, Peggy also loves skiing, sticker designing, and of course building open source software. You may not know that she’s also a former cheerleader, a skilled DJ, and has a sweet record collection!
Adam Zionts
Engineering Manager
Adam moved from one sunshine state to another to join us as a cloud services dev before leading the product engineering team building Apollo Graph Manager. He brings with him expertise in buffalo chicken cooking, spanish speaking, and bungee jumping. He also joins the minority of snowboarders in the office!
Stephen Barlow
Documentation Lead
Stephen enjoys words even more than code, and Apollo's documentation conveniently immerses him in both. Outside of Apollo, he writes for indie video games and auditions for voice-over gigs.
Tim Hingston
Tech Lead : Frontend
Not only is Tim the only person at Apollo to have worked across the full stack of all our commercial products, he's also an accomplished guitarist who's toured with several indie bands and appeared at SXSW and on MTV.
Chris Shaw
Head of People Operations
Chris has recruited talent for some of the top tech companies in the world. He makes sure not only that our company has the best people, but also that our fridge has the best beer. His classic look: a space-themed graphic tee and sport coat.
Francois Dufour
Francois loves building marketing engines that help customers make the best decisions for their businesses and careers. Formerly at Twilio, LinkedIn and Udacity. Francois is an avid kiteboarder.
Khalil Stemmler
Developer Advocate
Khalil is an author, software developer, and entrepreneur in Toronto, Ontario. He’s most passionate about community, growth, and finding ways to deconstruct challenging topics into clear and approachable content.
Alisha Ehrlich
When not improving Apollo’s processes or supporting our talent acquisition and D&I efforts, Alisha loves to read, play board games, and binge episodes on Netflix. She’s also an actress outside of Apollo and saw the final dress rehearsal of Hamilton!
Marc Berman
Enterprise Sales Director
Marc has a passion for family and for helping customers. He comes to Apollo after being part of some of the largest tech companies in the world including Google, Adobe, and Oracle. When not working, Marc is spending time with his wife and four kids enjoying cocktails, great food, and playing games.
Chief Popcorn Eater
Sandy Parlin
Sandy joins us from Southern CA. She has a passion for recruiting great talent and has worked for top engineering companies. She is a single mother by choice to twins girls, speaks fluent Spanish, and loves to compete at golf.
Jeff Hampton
Engineering Manager
When he's not catching up on the latest macro—and micro—technology trends, you can find Jeff creating children's books and enjoying music. His professional passion is driving collaboration, clarity, and understanding.
Caydie Tran
Core Developer
Software engineer by day, mother of a French bulldog by night. You'll most likely find Caydie somewhere in between collecting new sneakers, hanging out at a local show, or building the future of APIs!
Michael Watson
Solutions Architect
"Beer for all, and all for beer". Michael is an avid home-brewer that spends most of his time solving problems of all kinds. Whether it's software, 3-d printing, mechanical, blockchain or IoT, he probably will talk your ear off on it.
Jason Zukewich
Product Engineer
Jason joins our team in an attempt to escape from Canadian winters. When not working he can be found climbing, camping, or playing board games. He also loves to travel, having lived in Asia for a year and visited eighteen countries
Ay Valade
Chief of Staff
Ay is an East Coast native who joins us in California by way of Hong Kong. A trained chemical engineer who's had experience at many different startups, she's the reason our CEO and VP of R&D keep it all together and remember to attend their meetings.
Trevor Blades
Web Developer
Trevor is a designer and developer from Burnaby, BC. When he's not working on side projects, he enjoys the finer things in life: skateboard wheels on dry pavement and the intense click-clacking of a good fighting game.
Faby Zavala
Office Manager
Faby has been with Apollo longer than most people. She does a ton of stuff behind the scenes, including knowing what everyone's favorite cuisine is, keeping our office running smoothy, and making sure everything in our kitchen is delicious!
Nick Martin
Nick is a serial hobbyist and has had a wide array of interests over time, from bread baking to perfume making to ham radio and many more. He's our chief architecture whisperer and our hot sauce sommelier.
Ben Newman
Tech Lead : OSS
When not maintaining his dog's Instagram, Ben is passionate about pushing the limits of JavaScript with automatic code transformation tools like Recast and Regenerator. He's a Brooklyner, Burning Man regular, and JavaScript guru.
David Glasser
Tech Lead : Backend
An administrator of the world famous “Glasser Code Review,” David has read the source code from more GitHub repositories than anyone else we know. When not working, he's likely taking a picture of his kid in front of some modern art.
Ted Weiss
Director, West Region
Born in NJ and now based in SF, Ted is passionate about helping customers get extreme value from their GraphQL initiatives. An avid traveler, his natural habitats are planes and far flung travel destinations seeking fun, food, and adventure with the locals. Anthony Bourdain is a major hero.
Julia Black
Events Lead
Australian born, Julia landed in the US over six years ago and ran developer events for multiple tech companies. When she's not doing the events shuffle, she's cooking AND eating all the food or refining her dog whispering skills.
Ellen Shapiro
iOS Engineer
Ellen loves building mobile apps and tools, and then talking to other people about building mobile apps in tools at as many conferences in as many countries as possible.
Jeffrey Burt
Frontend Application Engineer
Jeffrey is a former furniture designer turned developer from Canada. When he’s not coding, you can find him making pottery, hiking, or working his way through the entire Star Trek series.
Nathan Dintenfass
Director of Product
Nathan wrangles product by day. Except sometimes his days happen at night. If there’s something you passionately believe needs to be changed here, let him know.
Jesse Rosenberger
Core Developer
A California-Helsinkilainen, Jesse has caught bug after bug: DOS, FreeBSD, startups, Burning Man, backpacking, hostels, hostel parties, hostel management, marrying a Finnish backpacker he met at a hostel.

We are writers, evangelists, event organizers, designers, product devs, systems experts, and many other things. We accomplish a remarkable amount of work for our size because we're passionate about what we do, and because we have the support of an amazing open source community. We have grand aspirations of making software development as fast, easy, and accessible as possible.

We love building tools for developers because we're all nerds at heart. Many of us come from a technical background. Our founders originally met as undergrads at MIT, and created the Meteor platform after inadvertently writing most of it to power their original idea, a travel app for iPads.

“Of all our accomplishments at Apollo, what I'm most proud of is the team. It's a privilege and an honor to work with such a talented and caring group of people.”

Nick Martin, Co-Founder

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