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Apollo GraphOS

The supergraph platform

Start building a new generation of apps on the supergraph in minutes with modular backend development, advanced query execution, and a complete set of tools for graph delivery.

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Overcome the core challenges of graph development

Leave behind monolithic architectures and disparate GraphQL BFFs. Get on the supergraph with GraphOS.

Modular graph development
Fast, unified query execution
Safe and rapid graph evolution

Modular graph development

Monoliths cause bottlenecks that slow down app development at every scale. With GraphOS, you build your graph on a modular, scalable architecture with subgraphs that link to each other.

Create your first subgraph in minutes

Connect your existing graph to GraphOS to automatically make it your first subgraph. Add more subgraphs when you’re ready.

Connect to any backend service

Operate the supergraph on top of your existing services. Connect to anything npm with Apollo Server, use open source subgraph frameworks like graphql-java, or build your own – it’s open standards.

Fast, unified query execution

GraphOS links your subgraphs together into the supergraph with a blazing-fast, cloud-native runtime. Access all underlying capabilities with a single GraphQL query and get automatic support for advanced GraphQL features like @defer.

One query, many subgraphs

The query planner and execution engine in GraphOS enable you to gather data from multiple linked subgraphs with a single query, delivering on the true promise of GraphQL.

Advanced GraphQL features built-in

GraphOS supports the latest GraphQL features within the supergraph layer. Use directives like @defer to optimize your app performance even if your subgraph server doesn’t support it natively.

Ultra-fast and distributed

GraphOS couples the flexibility and distribution of the cloud with all of the speed, power, and advanced capabilities of Apollo Router – our supergraph runtime binary written in Rust.

Safe and rapid graph evolution

Modern apps change by the hour, and your API architecture needs to do the same. GraphOS gives you the tools to develop schemas collaboratively with a single source of truth, deliver changes safely with graph CI/CD, and improve performance with field and operation-level observability.

Explore and collaborate

GraphOS gives your schemas a home in the cloud where you can discover capabilities with ⌘K search, editor hints, latency estimates, and query plan preview. Make the supergraph easier to navigate by saving and sharing collections of operations.

Develop for different environments & audiences

Manage schema variants that align with environments like development, staging, and production. Create advanced variant types that restrict user access and filter out certain fields.

Prevent breaking changes

Manage schema variants that align with environments like development, staging, and production. Create advanced variant types that restrict user access and filter out certain fields.

Observe and optimize

Track usage metrics at the field, client, and operation level, so that you know when it’s safe to deprecate out-of-date services without causing breaking changes. Dig into individual operation performance down to the resolver level to improve app performance.




Keeping your data secure is our top priority

Manage schema variants that align with environments like development, staging, and production. Create advanced variant types that restrict user access and filter out certain fields.

Advanced governance controls

Control who can access your supergraph and its tooling. Tailor and protect your graph with advanced variants.

Protected variants

Mark mission-critical variants as protected, and limit who can make schema changes.

Schema contracts

Create tailored variants of your supergraph for different audiences by filtering out fields and types with certain tags.

User roles and permissions

Apply user roles inside GraphOS to define who can publish schema changes, create documentation, and view metrics.

User roles and permissions

Apollo follows industry best-practices for data security and has been certified compliant by independent third parties.

SOC 2 type 1 and type 2 reports

Doyensec audited infrastructure

Advanced runtime options for Enterprise

To meet the most demanding enterprise requirements, GraphOS offers a flexible runtime deployment model to give enterprise architecture and operations teams maximum control.

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