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Deliver GraphQL federation
with GraphOS

Choose Apollo GraphOS to safely build, test, and deliver a supergraph across any number of teams or apps.

The industry standard platform for GraphQL federation

Apollo GraphOS provides everything your team needs to deliver GraphQL federation: a secure, high-performance runtime plane that can be customized to fit in any stack and a centralized management plane in the cloud for better collaboration and observability.

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Securely scale a supergraph with GraphOS Router

GraphOS Router provides GraphQL-native tools to secure, scale, observe, and extend your GraphQL runtime environment.

Deliver raw performance

Leverage a highly customizable, multithreaded runtime to orchestrate and optimize requests across hundreds of services.

  • Asynchronously execute requests across any number of services

  • Minimize latency with GraphQL-native caching tools

  • Export key metrics and logs with OpenTelemetry to observe and optimize performance

Support real-time features

Build real-time capabilities across a fleet of applications with federated GraphQL subscriptions.

  • Allow clients to access multiple real-time services with a single GraphQL subscription

  • Contribute fields from existing services to a shared subscription type without tight coupling across teams

  • Scale real-time data delivery to millions of concurrent connections without sacrificing performance

Centrally enforce access control

Enforce policies at a field level across a fleet of applications with GraphQL-native security and access controls as well as observability.

  • Enforce policies centrally to prevent unauthorized requests from reaching your services

  • Safelist GraphQL operations from known clients to improve performance predictability

  • Integrate existing policies and custom logic from identity providers

Collaborate across teams with GraphOS Studio

GraphOS Studio provides a developer portal for your GraphQL platform and a complete suite of tools to streamline schema collaboration, validation, and delivery.

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Collaborate using a centralized registry

GraphOS provides a portal for developers to explore schemas, build queries, and keep up with recent changes.

  • Keep all client and service teams aligned with a central registry for all graph schemas and metadata

  • Enable self-serve client development with an integrated IDE for building, testing, and sharing GraphQL operations

  • Stay up to date with how your APIs are evolving with automatically generated changelogs

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Ship changes with confidence

Provide standardized workflows to safely evolve the graph across teams. Set up user roles and propose, test, and approve changes.

  • Asynchronously propose, edit, and review schema changes across team boundaries

  • Validate proposed changes against past requests from registered clients to prevent breaking changes

  • Integrate composition, change validation, and approvals into your existing continuous integration and delivery pipelines

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Experiment with ease

Safely and systematically develop and deliver APIs with independent graph variants for development, staging, and production environments.

  • Assign granular roles to govern which users should have access to specific graph variants

  • Configure discrete discoverability, review, and publishing permissions for each graph variant

  • Protect sensitive data by generating filtered variants of your graph for specific clients, use cases, or external partners

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Observe field usage and performance

Track usage metrics at the field, client, and operation level, so that you know when it’s safe to update or deprecate services without causing breaking changes.

  • Observe usage and performance trends for individual operations

  • Quickly track down operations by request volume, request rate, and error rate

  • Expand traces to understand how individual services are impacting latency

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Build a GraphQL access layer for your APIs without any additional ops work.

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