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Apollo Enterprise

Modernize your stack and get to market faster

Accelerate delivery and drive innovation by adopting only end-to-end graph platform and partnering with the experts in GraphQL.

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Move your most important projects forward
faster, across platforms, and with less risk

Unify all your data sources

Bridge legacy APIs, microservices, and databases into a single graph that every app across every platform can query.

Ship more with less code

Use powerful developer tools that align your teams and enable them to do their best work.

Control of your data

Keep your data protected and track how each client uses data across your organization.

Our developers were productive, our app was quick, and users were happy.

Mark Stuart, Senior Engineering Manager at PayPal

Build a platform for innovation with an enterprise-wide graph

Transition from brittle point-to-point API infrastructure to a GraphQL API that lets clients interact with a unified and protected graph.

The graph is a unified representation of all of your services, data, and capabilities that easily integrates with your existing infrastructure.

Use the graph to power other key business initiatives such as public and partner APIs, internal apps, and BI insights.

An enterprise-ready version of Apollo

With GraphQL, every one of your apps now relies on a new layer of the stack - the graph. Apollo Enterprise keeps your graph protected and compliant with a production SLA, single sign-on (SSO), extended data retention, and more.

Apollo gives us the tooling to operate the graph across teams without creating and maintaining another internal product.

Neil Lokare, Senior Software Engineer at NerdWallet

Technical guidance from Apollo experts

GraphQL is a new technology. Give your development team access to Apollo engineers, so they can continue writing the right code and making reliable architectural decisions.

Apollo has been a crucial partner in helping us modernize our application architecture.

Louise Fox, Engineering Manager at SurveyMonkey

24 × 7 × 365
production support

Get peace of mind in knowing that you’re fully supported for the critical graph infrastructure that powers all your applications. Production support includes a guaranteed response time, emergency patches, and coverage for the entire Apollo stack.

We have developed a very close working relationship with Apollo, which is critical to ensuring that we can help our customers through both good times and difficult times.

Sankha Pathak, Director of Engineering at Glassdoor

Enterprise teams rely on Apollo

Expedia Group transforms product development with Apollo

Read their story

Modernizing digital payments with a graph at PayPal

Read their story

Now we can focus on use cases, instead of specific implementations and customizations.

Jeff Titus, Director of IT Digital Tech Solutions & Strategy at Audi

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