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The Apollo Supergraph Platform

Supergraph Success Stories

Learn how Apollo enables leading companies to deliver new experiences as quickly as business and customer needs evolve.

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Apollo GraphOS is a key platform for the development team to work softly with GraphQL. It provides a bunch of tools and APIs that allow us to establish a secure development pipeline to compose and deliver new pieces to our supergraph.

Marcelo Nalon

Staff Engineer at Globoplay

Without the supergraph, we’d still be trying to figure out how to build a user journey for the fleet business.

Stephan Lonntorp

Senior Engineering Manager at Volvo Cars

With a supergraph, we could create a single source of truth for definitions of every entity in our data model . . . eliminating a huge amount of maintenance work associated with these disparate graphs. For us, it was worth it.

Mike Byrnes

Principal Software Engineer at

In some cases, teams are almost doubling the speed at which they are releasing features and we are not even close to finishing our modernization journey ... We're just getting faster and faster.

Matt Sexton

Solutions Architect at

It’s been over a year since we’ve had any breaking changes.  Prior to adopting Apollo, we had breaking changes as frequently as every month. We once took down our mobile home page for six hours.

Hannah Shin

Senior Software Engineer at RetailMeNot

We have our vaccine finder [where] you punch in your location and select your store. Beforehand, you would select a location, and you wouldn’t know if a COVID-19 vaccine was available at a given store. You’d have to start over. Because we’re using GraphQL, we were able to drive new fields … with REST, way too much data [would’ve been surfaced] to the client.

Nelson Middendorff

Software Engineering Manager, Hy-Vee

Centralized monolithic api services are difficult to scale now that we have 1000+ engineers in many time zones. Federation makes it easier to run an automated, centralized API service, which is fantastic. But it really works well with Apollo’s schema management tools because that’s what makes the automation actually possible

Lenny Burdette

Solutions Architect, Apollo GraphQL

Really, it’s speed and agility that’s going to take you to the next level, rather than the technology itself. That’s why I get so excited about the supergraph.

Deep Varma

CTO at Varo

In a build vs. buy decision, Apollo Platform was a clear buy. We wanted to deliver the promise of GraphQL to our developers now rather than later.

Mark Stuart

Senior Engineering Manager at PayPal

Had contracts not existed, Wayfair would’ve invested 100s of person hours building out custom infrastructure to replicate what we get “built-in,” freeing up time to focus on Wayfair customer needs and developer experience.

Mark Faga

Senior Staff Software Engineer, Wayfair

Apollo gives us a GraphQL-native view of clients, operations, schema changes, and failures for a clear understanding of how our graph is performing.

Dan Boerner

Distinguished Software Lead at Expedia

We have developed a very close working relationship with Apollo, which is critical to ensuring that we can help our customers through both good times and difficult times.

Sankha Pathak

Director of Engineering at Glassdoor

We introduced a new subgraph in the federated graph [for backend compliance logic when Zillow was becoming a brokerage], and it was a complete success … 70 systems migrated without any advance, and we had the deadline, right on the dot.

Robbie Sawers

Director of Engineering, Zillow Offers

The graph unblocked a whole host of things that client developers wanted to do. It's definitely been a win because native app teams have been able to develop features without needing API changes.

Michael P. Geraci

Staff Web Engineer at OkCupid

Teams that are moving to the data graph are bringing products and services to market sooner and dealing with bugs faster and less invasively.

Sarah R.

Senior Software Engineer at Nerdwallet

How fast can you onboard [a new] employee and make them productive? Effectively GraphQL takes [away] that burden of talking to the right people, finding the right endpoints…That’s absolutely critical. How are you going to build innovative products if your engineers spend most of their time trying to find where the data is coming from?

Daljit Summan

Principal Engineer, RS Components

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