April 27, 2023

Join the Apollo GraphOS Community on Discord: A Hub of Support, Collaboration, and Learning

Michael Watson

Michael Watson

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Apollo GraphOS Community Discord Server 🎉. This new space is led and moderated by the Apollo Developer Advocates, with the goal of helping the GraphQL community be successful with anything Apollo-related. We want to grow this new community space based on feedback and what developers need to be successful. With that said, we already started to try and put together a lot of great interactions!

Getting your questions answered

Building software can be hard. You probably have technical questions that come up as you learn and develop in the GraphQL space.  Our goal is to help get those questions answered so you can move faster in building your graph. We provide a combination of text, voice, and video chat options in the community because sometimes a question more context to understand the problem.

The team is really excited to help and interact with you!


The server will also host regular technical streams on various topics related to GraphQL and Apollo. These events will be based on community feedback and hosted by experienced developers. We plan on adding more and more streams with the goal of creating some video assets that we can put on our blog or YouTube for everyone to see.

Customizable to what you care about

We’ve set up an onboarding workflow that enables community members to customize the channels and notifications they receive. The onboarding workflow will help scope the community to exactly what you want to see.

If you’re a GraphOS user, you can also connect your account to get access to a couple of private channels 😉. We are using Dots for our bot and it will send you a message after joining asking if you want to connect your account. You can also access this through the /graphos-connect slash command. If there is something you would like to see that you think is missing, let’s talk about it in Discord and figure out a way to make it better!

Joining the community

Anyone can join the server by following the link https://discord.gg/graphos. Once you’re on the server, take some time to introduce yourself and get to know the other members. You can also join the conversations happening in the various channels or ask questions to the Apollo team.

In conclusion, the Apollo GraphQL community Discord server is a valuable resource for anyone interested in GraphQL and Apollo. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, this server provides a space to learn, collaborate, and connect with others in the community. Join today and become part of the Apollo GraphQL community!

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Michael Watson

Michael Watson

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