1. Welcome!

Welcome to the CKO 2023 Product Workshop!

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Workshop setup

You will need:

  • Google Chrome (Apollo Studio works best on Chrome, but feel free to try out other browsers.)
  • Join the Slack channel #cko-crash-course.
  • You'll need a Studio account with the Serverless plan. Your Apollo SSO login will NOT work, please create a new account with a different email.

Helpful links

📖 How to use this companion course

You can use this course as a reference throughout the workshop. Here you'll find instructions, code snippets and exercise solutions that we'll be going through in the workshop.

Activity: Lessons starting with Activity are designed to be a group activity. Work together with your group and discuss as a team.

Exercise: Lessons starting with Exercise are designed to be an individual exercise for you to try your best to solve on your own! If you need help, you can chat with your group, flag down a DX mentor or consult the solution in that same lesson.

Follow-along: Lessons starting with Follow-along are designed for you to follow along with the instructor! Do what they're doing, but on your own machines.

🗣️ Your group

Each group has a mix of roles, teams and skillsets. This is a great opportunity to connect with other people in the company that you might not work with day-to-day! As we cover the material around and , think about what you do in your role that interacts with or supports that piece, and share insights with your group!

If you have limited knowledge/experience with the material: Listen, try to follow along with the exercises, learn and absorb as best as you can!

If you're already an expert: Time to flex your teaching skills! You can help out others in your group, answer their questions (be careful not to overwhelm with information!). If people in your group aren't able to get something running on their own, then help them troubleshoot or show them your screen!

What we're building

We'll be creating a supergraph that can power the client experience for Comet Cruises ☄️🛥️

It shows details about different places to go and things to do for users on their intergalactic travels!

Homepage full mockup

We'll focus on how we can use APIs and to make it all possible!


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