13. Follow-along: Add a new subgraph

Follow-along: Add a new subgraph

🎯 Goal: Add the activities to your .

We've already created the for you here:

Activities API

We'll be using the Studio UI to add the . But feel free to check out the Bonus section below to try and use the instead!

  1. Head back over to Studio and click Subgraphs in the navigation menu.
  2. Click Add a subgraph.
  3. Give it the routing URL: https://comet-cruises-activities.herokuapp.com/
  4. Give it a clear name, like activities.
  5. Then, click Add subgraph.

After a few seconds, we'll see it added to our list of !


Follow-along: Exploring a launch

Head over to the Launches page and take a look at the steps involved.

What's included as part of a successful launch process?

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