12. Making changes to the supergraph

Making changes to the supergraph

Remember that mockup from the very beginning? We're still missing the right side - the activities!

Full mockup of homepage

The activities subgraph

We've already built the API for that activities data:

Activities API

It has similar entry points activities and activity(id: ID!). But the Activity type has a bunch more !


Adding a subgraph to the supergraph story: the launch process

Illustration of the story of adding a subgraph to the supergraph

A launch represents the complete process of making schema updates to any of a .

Schema checks

Before we publish anything to the schema registry, it's recommended to run . We run these checks using Rover, our CLI tool.

There are two types of : build checks and checks.

Build checks

Build checks validate that a 's schema changes can still compose successfully with other in the .

For example, if a new type is added to one , a check determines whether that addition is compatible with the rest of the subgraphs in the . If it isn't, we need to investigate the error and fix it.

Operation checks

checks validate that a schema's changes won't break any operations that existing clients send to the .

For example, let's say a web client regularly sends a to retrieve data for its homepage. If a schema change involves adding a required to a in that query, it might break that client's existing ! An operation check helps us guard against this potential failure, listing out the affected operations and allowing the team to address them.


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