4. Activity: Explore Explorer

Activity: Explore Explorer

🎯 Goal: Complete the list of tasks below as a group!

  1. In the #cko-crash-course Slack channel, locate your group's thread.
  2. One screenshot of each task needs to be posted by a different member of your group. (6 screenshots total!)

Note: More tasks than team members? No problem! Just make sure that each person has a chance to post a screenshot and you'll be covered.


All done? Mention @crash-course in your group's Slack thread! If you're in the top 3 fastest teams, you get a prize!

Feel free to complete all of these tasks yourself so that you're familiar with the product! But to be eligible for the prize, your team must work together!



Bonus discussion questions

  • Would you add the id for a location to your ? Why or why not?


Only peek at the solution if you really need to!

Query solution
query HomepageLocations {
locations {

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