8. Follow-along: Analyzing metrics

Analyzing metrics in GraphOS

In Studio, click Operations.

This is where we can see all of our that were sent to the in the past day, hour or whatever time filters you'd like to set.

Here we can see metrics like how often certain have been requested, slow operations, operations that have triggered errors.

Let's drill into a specific , for example the one we just ran.

Note: This is why it's important to name your something very clear!

Bonus: client awareness

Right now, Explorer is showing as Unidentified client. How can we get it to show as Explorer instead?

Hint: You can check out the Apollo documentation to figure out how.


A trace provides a breakdown of timing and error information for each in a particular .

One current limitation of the : currently it's set to request traces for -level metrics for only 1% of traffic. We don't have the ability to change this value to demonstrate what a trace looks like for our HomepageWithFeatured .

(Instructor will show an example of what it would look like!)

Which of the fields in your query was the culprit of the slow operation?

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