3. Follow-along: Querying with Apollo Sandbox1m

Querying with Apollo Sandbox

Apollo Sandbox is an environment that gives you the ability to explore a GraphQL API. It's a special mode of Apollo Studio that helps with development. Sandbox loads a running GraphQL server's schema. Like the one we're about to explore!

Head over to Apollo Sandbox: https://studio.apollographql.com/sandbox/explorer

Connect to the GraphQL API by pasting this link to the top left (right next to "Sandbox")


Let's check out the Explorer together!

🎯 Goal: Build a query for this mockup:

Mockup of the homepage

  1. Add the Query field from left sidebar (click on + icon). This will start to build our operation in the middle section.

  2. Rename query Query to a better operation name: query HomepageLocations

    Tip: We use PascalCase for operation names! Clear operation names will be helpful when we analyze our supergraph metrics later on.

  3. Add the locations field.

    query HomepageLocations {
    locations {
  4. Add the name field.

    query HomepageLocations {
    locations {
  5. Run the query!

Let's finish the rest of it in the next lesson.


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