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Managing your Apollo user account

Creating your account

To create your Apollo user account, visit and click Create an account. You can sign up either with an email and password, or with an existing GitHub account.

If you sign up with GitHub, Apollo uses your GitHub id only for login verification purposes. It does not request access to any of your GitHub data.


Single sign-on (SSO) account management via SAML or OIDC is available for Enterprise customers.

Unless another Studio user has invited you to join an existing organization, you will also be asked to create an organization as part of the signup process.

Personal API keys

You can create API keys for your user account on your Personal Settings page. A user API key can be useful when configuring the or the Apollo VS Code extension. The key has the same permissions as your user account, which means you can use it to interact with all your organizations and in Studio.

Deleting your account

You can delete your user account at any time on your Personal Settings page.

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