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GraphOS Enterprise features


With an Apollo GraphOS Enterprise plan, you gain access to powerful routing, delivery, and governance features for your . This article summarizes the most notable of these features and provides links to the full documentation for each.

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To compare feature support across all plan types, see our pricing page.

Enterprise trial

You can sign up for a Enterprise trial to freely test out most Enterprise features for the duration of the trial period.

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Self-hosted routing

With Enterprise, you can deploy your 's Apollo Router instances into your own infrastructure, instead of using a -provisioned cloud :

Your infrastructure

These instances connect to to fetch their managed configuration and report fine-grained metrics.

This architecture helps you satisfy sophisticated requirements around data compliance and performance, and it also enables you to further customize your 's behavior with Enterprise-specific functionality (described below).

Apollo Router features

The Apollo Router supports a collection of features specific to Enterprise organizations. These include:

Schema filtering with contracts

Contracts enable you to filter your 's types and s according to different inclusion and exclusion rules you define:

Contract variant A
Contract variant B
Source variant
Filter schema
according to contract A
Filter schema
according to contract B
Contract schema A
Contract schema B

You can then deploy a self-hosted router instance that uses one of your contract schemas. Client apps that connect to this contract router can query only the s that are included in the contract :

Your infrastructure
Standard router
Contract router
(All subgraphs)
Admin app
User app

Contracts are especially useful if you want to expose a subset of your as a public API.

Organization management

You can integrate with your organization's identity provider (IdP) to enable single sign-on (SSO) for GraphOS Studio.

SSO configuration is available for all of the following:

Additionally, Enterprise organizations can export an audit log of material actions taken by organization members.

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