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Schema Pipeline Overview

Ensure streamlined schema development and delivery

provides schema pipeline tools to develop and deploy changes to your graph schemas. These tools fall into two main categories:

  • Schema governance tools let you manage, validate, and enforce standards in your schemas.
  • Schema delivery tools let you integrate schema publication into your DevOps workflows.

Schema governance

GraphOS provides the following schema governance tools:

  • Schema checks identify breaking changes before you publish them. They can also determine when a potentially dangerous change is, in fact, safe.
  • Schema linting ensures consistent, well-formed schemas. Automated linting lowers maintenance overheads and improves developer productivity. You can run the linter as part of schema checks in and one-off via the Rover CLI.
  • Schema proposals provide GraphOS-native schema change management. Team members propose changes to , and others review and approve them before they're implemented. do more than just strengthen governancethey foster cross-organization collaboration.

Schema proposals are only available with a GraphOS Enterprise plan.

Schema delivery

refers to the process of making your available to clients. You can publish schema changes using the Rover CLI or GraphOS Platform API. Using the command lets you integrate publication into your continuous delivery pipeline.

To integrate other aspects of your configuration, such as your configuration or federation version, GraphOS uses the concept of launches. Schema publications trigger which you can monitor them from the Launches page in GraphOS Studio.


are only available with a GraphOS Enterprise plan.

GraphOS contracts let you deliver different subsets of your supergraph to different consumers. Contracts rely on @tags in subgraph schemas to denote which types and are accessible to different consumers.

Client operation validation

Apollo provides app developers a way to confirm client ' compatibility with the published schema. Refer to the Validating client operations page for more information.

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