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Hi there! 👋 We're excited you're here to learn about Apollo.

Apollo is a platform for building a data graph, a communication layer that seamlessly connects application clients (such as React and iOS apps) to back-end services.

It's easy to adopt Apollo incrementally, meaning you can set it up alongside an existing solution (such as a REST API) and migrate functionality at your convenience.

The Apollo platform consists of:

  • Apollo Client, an open-source library for managing state in application clients

  • Apollo Server, an open-source framework for implementing and running a data graph at scale

  • Apollo Graph Manager (formerly Engine), a cloud service that helps you manage, validate, and secure your organization's data graph

  • Developer tools that make it even easier to work with Apollo, including extensions for Chrome and VS Code

Conveniently, we have a tutorial that introduces you to each component of the platform. Ready to dive in?

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