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The Rover CLI


Rover is the command-line interface for managing and maintaining with Apollo GraphOS.

Example commands
# Publish a subgraph schema to GraphOS
$ rover subgraph publish my-graph@my-variant --name my-subgraph --schema ./schema.graphql
# Run your supergraph router locally and add multiple subgraphs
$ rover dev
# Fetch a GraphQL server's schema via introspection
$ rover graph introspect http://localhost:4000/graphql
# Compose a federated supergraph schema from multiple subgraphs
$ rover supergraph compose --config ./supergraph.yaml

Get started with Rover

does not currently provide client-specific features, such as code generation or client checks. For these features, continue using the Apollo CLI.


If you have feedback on or you experience issues using a command, please open an issue and let us know!

Here are some topics we're particularly interested in hearing about:

  • How discoverable are features?
  • How intuitive does the command structure feel?
  • How helpful are error messages and logs?
  • What commands or features would you like to see in ?
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