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Managing your Apollo plan

Every Apollo organization has an associated plan that determines which GraphOS features the organization has access to, along with how it's billed.

Every newly created organization starts on the Serverless (Free) plan, which is free.

You can check your organization's current plan in Apollo Studio. From your organization's page, go to the Settings tab and scroll down to the Plan and Billing section:

The Plan and Billing section in Apollo Studio

Current plans

Apollo offers the following plans to new organizations:

These are brief summaries of each plan. For complete plan details, see the pricing page.

Serverless (Free)Provides access to serverless cloud supergraphs, along with many other GraphOS features. Sets a fixed limit on monthly serverless operations. This plan is free.
ServerlessRemoves the operation limit included in the Serverless (Free) plan, and is billed based on usage above that limit. Also expands metrics data retention.
EnterpriseThese plans feature advanced security and schema delivery features, access control, audit logs, and more. They include negotiable usage rates. They do not currently support cloud supergraphs.

The Enterprise plan gives you access to all GraphOS enterprise features, our Graph Champions community, and a dedicated support channel for your team to talk with Apollo supergraph experts. We will work with you to customize a query volume limit and support package that's right for you.

If you're interested in an Enterprise plan, please get in touch with us!

Legacy plans

If you have a non-Enterprise Apollo organization that was created before 4 October 2022, it's on one of the following legacy plans.

These plans do not support serverless cloud supergraphs, and they might not support other new GraphOS features moving forward.

If your organization is on one of these plans, we strongly recommend upgrading to a current plan.

FreeOur legacy free plan, not to be confused with the current Serverless (Free) plan. Provides basic GraphOS features, with very limited data retention and maximum query volume.
TeamOur legacy plan for small and medium teams, which is billed based on the number of team members (i.e., seat-based). Raises the retention and query volume limits from the Free plan, but does not remove them.

Upgrading to a current plan

To create cloud supergraphs, your Apollo organization needs to be on either the Serverless (Free) plan or the Serverless plan.

If your organization is on the legacy Free plan, you can convert your organization to the current Serverless (Free) plan by clicking Convert to Serverless (Free) in the top-right corner of your organization's page in Studio:

A screenshot of the Convert to Serverless (Free) button

If you're on the legacy Teams plan, you currently need to create a new organization to be able to create cloud supergraphs.

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