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Apollo Tech Notes

This documentation set provides technical articles on specialized topics for Apollo tools and libraries.

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TitleLast updated
Aggregating data across subgraphs2023-03-10
Authenticating requests with the Apollo Router2023-11-01
Client ID enforcement2023-11-09
Connecting OpenTelemetry traces to Prometheus2023-11-01
Contracts usage patterns2023-10-31
Debugging subgraph requests from Apollo Router or Gateway2023-04-13
Demand oriented schema design2023-11-01
Deploying API changes with Managed Federation and GraphOS2023-11-09
Designing response types2023-10-30
Does Apollo Router replace my API gateway?2023-04-10
Enforcing entity ownership in Apollo Federation2023-04-17
Errors as Data explained2023-11-01
Federation is not a saga orchestrator2023-11-01
Graph Identities2023-03-10
GraphQL adoption patterns2022-12-09
GraphQL as an abstraction layer2023-11-15
How Federation handles the N+1 query problem2023-04-10
Improving Apollo Gateway performance2023-11-09
Keeping schemas up-to-date in client apps2023-04-14
Load testing a federated GraphQL API2023-11-09
Managing Apollo Router resources in Kubernetes2023-11-01
Mocking graph functionality to unblock client development2023-11-09
Moving a GraphQL monolith to Apollo Federation2023-11-09
Namespacing by separation of concerns2023-03-10
Optimizing Custom Apollo Router Builds2023-01-27
Overload protection2023-10-31
Production readiness checklist2023-11-27
React Context with Apollo Client2023-10-27
Recommended usage for GraphQL interfaces2023-10-31
Relay-style connections and pagination FAQ2023-03-10
Response cache eviction2022-12-01
Schema deprecations2023-11-01
Schema naming conventions2023-11-01
Securing supergraphs2023-11-28
Sending Apollo Router traces and metrics to APM tools using OpenTelemetry2023-10-31
Server-driven UI basics2023-10-06
Server-driven UI client design2023-10-06
Server-driven UI schema design2023-11-01
Supergraph stewardship2023-11-09
Testing with Apollo Federation2023-11-09
Thinking in entities2023-11-01

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