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Best Practices for Effective Graph Stewardship

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What you'll learn

GraphQL APIs offer the promise of being able to evolve a schema in response to client needs, and a supergraph is no exception. But when multiple teams contribute to a supergraph schema you’ll want to make sure that you have processes in place that empower them to evolve the graph continuously and transparently, and in a way that won’t result in unexpected breaking changes for clients.

In this session, we cover best practices for maintaining and evolving a supergraph as more and more teams contribute to and query data from it.

  1. Essential best practices and tools for effective graph stewardship

  2. How to balance the requirements of platform, service, and client teams

  3. Organizing models for graph governance groups

  4. What to think about when onboarding new teams to the graph

Meet the speakers

Daljit Summan
Senior Solutions Architect

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