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GraphQL over REST.

Build a universal GraphQL API on top of your existing REST APIs, so you can ship new application features fast without waiting on backend changes.
These companies use Apollo to power their most important applications:

Put a universal API over your existing backends.

Build and update application features without writing new endpoints. Just write a GraphQL query and Apollo gets the data for you, coordinating across the stack.

Best of all, Apollo integrates with the technology you're already using, so you can add it a little bit at a time. It also works with the whole GraphQL specification and all community GraphQL tools.

The Apollo Platform

Apollo is a family of technologies you can incrementally add to your stack: Apollo Client to connect data to your UI, Apollo Engine for infrastructure and tooling, and Apollo Server to translate your REST API and backends into a GraphQL schema.
Bind data to your UI with the ultra-flexible, community-driven GraphQL client for React, JavaScript, and native platforms.
The GraphQL gateway that provides essential features including caching, performance tracing, and error tracking.
Translate your existing REST APIs and backends into GraphQL with this powerful set of tools for buliding GraphQL APIs.

The Benefits

Eliminate Boilerplate

No more action creators, async handling, and request waterfalls. Just ask for the data you need with a GraphQL query and it shows up.

Validation across the stack

Identify breaking changes in your API before they are deployed and statically validate data fetching across all of your frontends.

Understand API usage

Learn how your backends are being used with field-by-field granularity. Find and address performance hotspots easily.

Pull complexity out of the client

Put computed fields, data transformations, and security logic into your API so your frontends don't have to reimplement them every time.

Incrementally evolve your API

Add fields to GraphQL as you go and deprecate old fields when you no longer need them. Mock some or all of your API and build the frontend in parallel.

Improve performance

Fetch exactly the data you need, no more and no less. Improve performance with GraphQL-specific caching and optimizations across the stack.

Work with Us

We work with teams of all sizes to set up Apollo and GraphQL to fit their specific needs. Let us know what you're building and we'll see how we can help.

The Apollo Blog

Our blog is the most read source of news, tips, and announcements in GraphQL. We frequently have posts from authors in the community, with over 140 posts and 40 writers so far!