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Champions Table – From Governance to Stewardship

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What you'll learn

How can we best govern a collective effort such as a graph of graphs? Centralizing governance leads to a bottleneck, as a core graph team debates and approves each proposed schema change. Yet allowing each subgraph team to chart their own path without concern for shared patterns, idioms and conventions leads to an inconsistent, unpredictable and undesirable experience for clients.

In this session, we gather around the champion’s table to hear how each panelist is working to solve this riddle. We explore the pros and cons of different governance models and how champions are working to move beyond classic top-down governance to collaborative stewardship.

Meet the speakers

Dan Boerner
Apollo Graph Champion & Field CTO
Juliana Congote
Software Engineer
AD Slaton
Senior Director of Architecture
Dan Crews
Lead Architect

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